I was looking at trying to source the limited run S5470 Ibanez, the burled walnut one. Being unsuccessful I went looking for another new guitar and found this beast. All looks good but I'm unsure what the pick-ups are suited to. Anyone able to give some insight?

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Those pickups will be pretty versatile. It's an SD JB bridge and '59 neck combo, which is suited to everything from jazz/blues to metal and shred.
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The JB is a pretty good pickup, but is not really suited to an Alder body as it's quite trebbly, it would be more at home in a mahogany guitar....
Yeah, that's most likely a misprint. Horizons are made out of mahogany. As far as the pickups, just like everyone else is saying. They are very versatile, and very well suited for a lot of different genres.
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