Why is it that Ibanez is recommended for heavy metal and shredding. Is it the tone or is there something about the Ibanez that makes playing fast easier than say a Strat?
for me its the great tone and action---but you can't play blues on an ibanez its for different styles
They usually have thin, satin necks and their upper range guitars are usually made of basswood which is very neutral sounding and therefore ideal for shred.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
They have a low action, large frets, and generally really thin necks
they have thin, fast necks with good upper fret access and (the good ones) have an amazing floating trem.

The pickups generally aren't great but after changing them you can get the sound you want quite easily because of the basswoods tonal characteristics.
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Technically you can shred on practically any guitar. A lot of people refer to Ibanez because they feel the thin neck allows them to shred faster. A lot of it has to do with the player's comfort in conjunction with the playability of the guitar though. Because a neck can be such a personalized preference, I'd think the most important trait a guitar could have to be practical for shredding would be a very low action (which even still is a personalized preference).

In reference to what I've just stated, speed would rely primarily on the player, and not necessarily the guitar. A Fender, Les Paul, etc., can shred just as fast as any Ibanez.

(Not knocking Ibanez btw, for anyone that gets prematurely defensive.)
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Ibanezes are "metal" because of their tone. And because the first metallers liked the tone, and used them, they have a reputation for being "metal" guitars now, because the first metallers used them, and then the next metallers thought "Hey, they're playing Ibanezes. Ibanezes must be metal". That belief was then passed on.