So the band I play with has a couple of outdoor shows lined up, but sometimes, especially this time of year, the weather isnt always steady and we want to prepare for rain.

We decided that we would put whatever we could in the back seat of a suburban. Stuff like the soundboard and whoever is workin it, but the amps are gunna have to be out there with us.

So my question is, what do you guys do to protect your equipment from the sudden unexpected rains.
I'd say cover them with a tarp or something when you go on, if you're worried
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just a waterproof cover, pitch a mini tent for the sound board and pa system also get some covers for the amps ive been very fortunate and never played in the rain yet.

make sure the power is very protected *powersurge=bad* so insulate it with tape and hide it away, either under the stage or away from where water can get to it
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lol. good plan, but the pink doesnt match our guitars!!!

seriously though, thanks for the responses.