Hello everyone I been playing for 3 1/2 years now, in a pub-level covers band (Stones, S R Vaughan, Cream etc) now for 18 months, currently playing Washburn XB120 through a Laney 150 amp. Can't read music but can hear it very well, but still don't know too much about rig set up and the like.

When we get together for rehearsals, OK there's four of us in a 10 foot square room (our drummer's converted outhouse) so I'm not getting drowned out as such but when climbing up the scale to play like a high B I find myself struggling to be heard. Is it just me or my settings which are normally toned up. I know it depends on the song and suchlike, because the other night we played Midnight Hour and that was all high end on the Ab scale and it sounded pretty good. Any advice would be welcome. Oh and I don't use a pick just fingers.
Hmm, well if your lower notes can be heard but not your highs, it may be something to do with your pickups yes, it may also just be because the notes arent as strong, maybe something do with the finger picking.

Try giving your eq some more mid, and maybe experiment with a compressor or decompressor pedal.
when you finger pick(not saying its wrong in anyway) you tend to loose a good bit of the harsh attack that allows higher notes to be heard clearly and sharply. But if your fingers are strong enough, try plucking the strings really close to the bridge, it will add more treble to your sound
I find that acoustics of every room is different and that I need subtle tweaking to get my tone. I'd try boosting the mids before messing with the pick-ups. If you play without others and notice a sharp drop in volume from the A to D to G, then mess with height.
Chances are you are just competing with guitarists for the same frequency when you go up the neck. If your low notes are cutting through, your volume is probably good.
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What wattage are the guitarists' amps?

LOL the rythym guitarist is playing off a 40 whilst the lead guitar is something like a 250 / 400 amp, which might account for some of it. I do have a Kustom 400 head which perhaps could solve the problem

Thanks for the comments guys much appreciated, keep em coming if necessary