Hey all, recently I've been getting into a lot of Iron Maiden. They play power chord triplets alot and very fast. I can play power chords easy. I can play triplets on a single string fast and easy. But when I try to play triplets using more then one string (like in a power chord) I can't get near fast enough. Any advice? The song I'm trying to learn is "Run To The Hills" by Iron Maiden. :P Thanks!
trooper is better for starting or flight of icarus
just practice, make sure you arent anchoring your pinky its a lot eaier is you dont
mute the strings above and below the two you need to play, then just gallop over the two strings and that way it dont matter if u accidentally hit the others cos they are muted

trooper is the one i first learnt and it just takes practice, it will come to you in the end
Also, make sure you're using your wrist and not your whole arm.
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Start slow, dude; with every riff I've ever learned, you have to slow it down in your head and bring it up to speed only when you can rock it slower. Stephen's right... definitely start with Flight of Icarus before you try Run to the Hills, that's one of their fastest rhythms (along with Killers).
you refer to the "gallop" they do right? actually not triplets , it's two 16ths and an 8th
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Umm, don't be afraid to mute the Low e string. It's not very noticable and you can strum as hard as you like.
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