The main thing I was wondering was whether the fretboard plays the same as, or similar between these guitars. I have a friend with the Omen 6 and I love that guitar to death. It plays so smooth!!! BUT I don't really like the tone all that much that he gets out of it So I was thinking of going for the C-1 Classic. Is the tone more adjustable with the classic?

Sorry for the scattered thoughts, what I'm asking is:

Do these guitar play alike?
Which has the most adjustable tone?
C-1 classic is way better. The pups on the classic are seymour duncans and their really versatile.
Stock, the C-1 Classic has a slightly thinner neck (although it's painted, which might affect speed a little bit), but they are the same scale length. The Classic also has a more adjustable tone because it uses SDs stock, instead of Schecter's own pickups. My Omen 6 with a pickup swap is pretty versatile, though.
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