Below are some pics of my completed work. I have 4 guitars that will soon be available, and you still have time to give me input, as to how you would like this customized.

Basic specs: totally hollow guitars, with no center block. Approximately 2" deep and these are approx. PRS sized....small bodied hollowbodies. 25.5" scales, with ebony fretboards, bridges and carved tailpieces. Abalone inlay design of your choice. These guitars come with everything but the electronics.

You will not find a better price anywhere for a brand new custom hollowbody of this calibre.

Please visist my site so you can see tons of pics of finished guitars, and the 4 that I have available right now.

Thanks so much for reading...

would you take trades?
this thing is beautiful
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Noooooooooooo how could this be! he at all the chocolate in the box
Oh well, now the empty shell of what used to be chocolaty goodness can contain a tasty guitar circuit.

speaking of my homemade pedal
Hey, thanks!!! PUt a smile on my face, as I was expecting a "rant". No trades as of now, but I can offer you a payment schedule and maybe knock a few $$$ off. Email me off of my www site.... information@equatorinstruments.com

Thanks again for the kind words!