Hey guys who ever built guitar by him self, are you satisfight from its sound and are there any big difference between them????
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what in the HELL did you just say?
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what in the HELL did you just say?

what does davonly mean?
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I think he's trying to find someone who lives in davolny that made his own guitar and how the sound is compared to a pre-made one.
I think he just wants to know if there's anyone who has built his own guitar.

And if it sounds/plays as good as they thought it would.

Im actually curious too , I want to buy an ESP eclipse , but I could also buy the parts seperate , paint in myself etc. just don't know if it'll work out like I want it too ^^
i'm not done with my build as of yet so i cant say 100% positive that i'm going to get "the" sound i was looking for but i'm sure my guitar will sound as good as any of my production guitars I currently own - maybe better because of the cheezy import pickups they stick into the mid-level models (i dont buy or own any guitar over 700 bucks).

you'll definitely get a good sound out of a homebrew as long as you use proper tonewoods and hardware. production model guitars don't have any special magic to them... actually, I was looking at a les paul double cutaway yesterday in guitar center... i'm astounded that they less the quality of that guitar pass as a 1700 dollar piece of equipment... it looked like some 250 dollar korean-made... grain holes in the finish, glue showing on the binding and around the nut... i'm actually glad i'm making mine... even with purchasing power tools and equipment its STILL cheaper
Support your local luthier!

Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology