I have been playing guitar for a few years now and i have just started singing. I dont take lessons, i just do it for fun. Now the thing that im wondering about is, what type of voice i have. Like Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Countertenor.

I know I have deep voice when I talk. Thats about it.

So how do I figure out what type i am, then what tunning should I play in to suit my voice?

If im bass then should i go 1 step down? or if i am Baritone do I go 1/2 step down?

Please help, thanks

Just sing man, or ask a professional what you are. Like a music teacher or something.
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i found my comfort zone in a drop C tuning. it really took forever to feel as comfortable as i am now, but it's mostly because i used to struggle w/ an issue of self-confidence concerning my voice(but that was my own problem to deal with, and no one could change that but me).

anyway, if you're going for technique, i'd recommend taking singing lessons. it wouldn't do any harm, that's for sure. otherwise, i'd just experiment with different keys and tunings to see which one your voice best adapts to; versatibility will come with experience.
Make sure you aren't going to ruin your voice by straining and so on. If you think of your voice as a serious investment then its well worth the lessons. Most of the time people can sing alot higher than they think when given the help of singing teachers. Basically don't worry about what you are, just ask someone who can explain it better, or if your really wanting to know just record yourself and leave a clip.

its stupid to suit the tuning to your voice, try and suit your voice to the tuning, just make sure you warm up first, try a few lip rolls, then for about 20 minutes a day practice siren scales and switching registers. It will dramaticallly improve your pitch and tone.

Hope that helped a little, thanks
When you first start to sing something, like a long tone, what is the first note that is the most comfortable? Match that to a note on your guitar, and tell me which fret it is. I can tell you what range you might be from that.
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You could better start 1 half step higher and manly going low and lower.
Why use your tuning to fix the sound of your voice?

Look, sit at a piano. Play low E (the one below Middle C, effectively your low E string) that is the last note of a baritone range which is what I am. These aren't set, I can go lower (Db last test). From there go down. If you get to the C you're effectively in the bass register. From E (above middle C) and higher is generally Tenor.

Also make sure you're hitting the right notes. Just because it sounds like you are doens't mean you're singing that note. Tenor's are like the double bass guitar, they are pitched an octave lower than written (respectively for treble and bass clef)

Hope that helps.

Find what ever your most comfortable note is (mine is D) and then tune to that (I still prefer to be tuned to E though)
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