sorry if this question has been asked before, i've done a search but cant find the info i'm looking for.

I'm new to gear customisation. i have an old strat copy that i want to play around with. what i want to do is have 1x volume and 1x master tone on my strat. i want to move the volume pot down into where the tone one is and leave a nice gap between the bridge and the nearest pot (ive never liked how close it is to the bridge)

is this possible just to re-wire it as a master tone? or is it more complicated? also is there any specific tools i could use to fill in the gap where the volume pot once was?

another question.. the single coils tend to buzz a little when selected on their own, and ive read about copper shielding, is there a place in the UK where i can get some cheap?

many thanks
It is possible, though i'm not exactly sure how.
Unless i'm mistaken, you simply desolder the wires leading to one tone knob, and solder them to the other.

As for the pickguard, you could get a pickguard blank and drill holes yourself, or fill the hole with epoxy or something.
about copper shielding, axerus.com sells it for a fair price. personally i use aluminium tape to shield my guitars because it's cheaper and easier to get hold of
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If i remember right, standard strat wiring means the bridge pickup has no tone control, yes?
I assume you want your master tone control to affect all 3 pickups, and will put this forward as if that's the case. I think the tone pot will have to be moved to a different place in the circuit (not physically moved) so that it is after the selector switch, while the current tone controls are before the selector switch, afaik. Don't own a strat style guitar, so haven't payed much attention to the wiring setup - could someone confirm if i'm right or just being an idiot here?