I am a new guitar player and there are a few songs that I wanted to play that are in alternate tunings. As of now my ear is not that good about being able to tune to another string (say tuning the low E to a D using the D string). I have a regular Korg GA-30 tuner which does not really help with this as it will only tune the 6th string to an E. Will getting a chromatic tuner allow me do this with accuracy?
A Korg GA-30 does let you tune to lower pitches. The button that says 'flat' means that each time you press it, it tunes to a semitone lower. So pressing the flat button twice means you can tune your E string to a D.
Fret your 6th string (thickest one, E string) at the 7th fret.
Make it sound the same as the next string.
There's your D.
Thanks SmarterChild, I didn't even realize that. Let me ask you, are there tunings where you would have to tune the string to a higher note? Can you do that with the Korg GA-30?