I've had a few threads over the past few weeks about upgrading to a high-gain amp, and here's some heads that I've been looking into:

- Peavey XXX/JSX/5150 II
- Mesa Express 5:50

Can anyone recommend some 2x12 cabs/speakers that would work? I'm going to be playing mostly metal/metalcore/shred, with some jazz and cleans thrown in. I mostly want something with a punchy tone, tight bass and clarity with high gain. Since this is going to be for bedroom practice as well as jamming with a band, I'd ideally want a 2x12 - a 4x12 would be overdoing it. I don't think I want a combo at this point - a head and a 2x12 would be easier to carry around, and I can use the cab in the future when I want to buy a different head.

Budget is ideally less than $400. So, if anyone can recommend good 2x12s (please specify which head they would go with, if it makes a difference), that'd be great. Thanks!
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THD most definately - the best cab in the world - expensive but does everything you want!
Your best bet would be to find a used Mesa, IMHO. You should be able to get close with $400. On the cheap, there's always Avatar.
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You'll be hard pressed to find a used THD 2x12 for under $400. The Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 works extremely well for the higher gain stuff (and does a fine job with the cleaner stuff as well) and is usually obtainable for under $400 used. Vader cabs retail at $399 but I'm not sure of the shipping charges (that and they're VERY heavy and I think they're ugly). The Avatar contemporary series should work well for what you're trying to do and they cost $379 plus $34 for shipping.
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Earcandy Buzzbomb loaded with Green Machines..... really close to $400
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genz-benz 2x12 is a very nice cab for high gain stuff, cleans are nice also. I got mine for $325 used off ebay
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+1 for the Mesa Cab. I got the 2x12 Recto cab; I love it. Mine cost ~~$500 new; I imagine you can get a used one under $500. I love the way my cab sounds; good versatility; great with metal; and extremely loud and powerful.
I'd recommend Genz Benz G-Flex 2 x 12s. They sound awesome! Lots of low-end bass! I've got a pair of g-flex 2 x 12s for sale. Message me if you are interested.
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