Hey, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes:

Today I tried to record some guitar for a cover i'm doing, but there was no sound. I have my guitar going through my AX10G and into my Line In on the PC via an adapter. Usually I can hear the guitar when i'm not in any recording software or anything but now I can't.

I've checked all of the volume levels and cables and it's all ok, i've even tried updating the drivers on the soundcard and still no sound. I can still hear music etc etc it's just the Line In and Mic In that I can't hear. It was working fine yesterday

Heeelllpppppp! lol
I used to have the same problem. My computer would sometimes mute just the line in volume, so everything else was fine. If you find the control panel on your computer you should be able to find all the volume controls and just umute it. If this isn't the problem, then sorry but I can't help!
Nah that isn't the problem, all of my volumes are unmuted. Thanks anyway.

Edit, Ok, I just tried going straight from guitar to Pc and that works. Now I just have to find out what's wrong with the pedal....

Edit2, Weeee I fixed it, turns out someone messed with the pedal and turned the master volume (which I never use) ALL the way down!!
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