First question is whats the bias? It runs on a El84 power tube I think and a 12ax7 preamp tube correct me if Im wrong. What would be the best tubes I could get to increase gain and get a clearer, tighter OD? Ive also have been thinking of getting a better speaker. Is there a 10" 4 ohm speaker I could get that would help get a different voicing?
I have the v32, and I've seen many people replace the stock tubes with JJs, with good results

and as for the speaker, people have modded the v32 by replacing the stock speaker with a "greenback" speaker if I remember correctly. and they are very happy with the results. There's a youtube video called "palomino-a better marshall?" or something like that that has the greenback. You can watch it as an idea for what it did to his tone.

I'm not sure if you can put a greenback in the v8 though
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How hard is it to retube? Can I do it myself?

You pull out the old tubes, and push in the new ones. Piece of cake. No biasing required on a single power tube amp. Just plug and play.

Don't buy tubes on ebay. Go to a reputable dealer like Doug's Tubes. Shoot him an e-mail telling him what sound you're looking for, and he'll hook you up. I've dealt with him a number of times. Competitive prices and excellent customer service.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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The Palominos are cathode biased so you don't have to bias the amp. I would put tungsols in the pre amp and JJs in the poweramp.

Isn't it better to put JJ pre amp tubes instead of tungsols?
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Isn't it better to put JJ pre amp tubes instead of tungsols?

IMO, JJ preamp tubes are crap