does ures keep turning itself off and on or saying application failed on games and applications?

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The software on them is shite, what network did you get it on? some have better returns policies than others. How long have you had it for?
I have one and I work for Vodafone so lemme help.

Sounds like a software issue, there was a faulty batch going about when it first came out last october. the problems people were having are the same as yourself. I got mine sent away twice before vodafone would replace it (and i work for the fu*kers!!).

Probs best taking it back to the place you got it and get it sent away for repair.
I, I've had that problem. Though it said there was a failure with memory or something when i tried to open a game. Hasnt happened in past few weeks though.

Bought it in December/January, from Carphone Warehouse on Orange.