Behringer V-Amp 2 or Line6 PocketPod?
Which of these would be better for Death Metal/Black Metal/Deathcore tones?
Behringer V-Amp 2. The V-Amp 2 has better heavy amp models than most of the Pod's stock amp models.
dude v amps SUCK so much... i friend of mine has one and i tested it out and it was really bad... i really haven't tried the pocket pod but i have tried the pod xt... it must be more or less the same thing
i have a V-amp 2 and i can get amazing metal tones. Use the right amp and use the overdrive setting, then make sure there are no cabs switch on and its brutal!

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Does anybody have recordings using just the...
Guitar > V-Amp 2 or PocketPod > Amp
I really wanna hear the heavy tones and Youtube lacks on pod vids and vamp vids.
I know someone who uses a V-Amp Pro into a Mesa 2:50. If I can find clips he recorded, I'll send them to you.