I had a dvd that kinda meant alot to me (no it wasn't porn) and it was in my pocket and went though the wash and now it won't play.... any idea how I can get it to work again?

The dvd was videos of me and my freinds making videos for class projects that are funny as hell, if anyone must know...some of the ppl in it i will never see again, so thats y i want the video
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Send it off to a professional disc restorer.

Thats the best bet, whatever you do don't use home remedys you find on the internet.
I made that mistake once.

Grand Theft Auto was ruined >=[
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Why the hell would you keep a dvd in your pocket?
How do you keep a dvd in your pocket?

A DVD on it's own will probably fit tightly into a normal jeans pocket.
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...it was in my pocket
Hence the problem.
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Hence the problem.

it was in my cargo pants and i left it in there by accident....is it such a shock that one may put a disc in their pocket?
i play drums and guitar :
the toothpaste remedy really does work!
fixed many of my disks this way.
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