if anyone knows of any songs or bands that are great for working out to or jogging. Something motivational that makes you feel great when you get that pumped feeling

I suppose Rage against the machine and that kind of thing

thx guys
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anything by pendulum
if you're into that kinda thing (drum n bass??)
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just anything with a fastish tempo really
whenever i go jogging i tend to havefast tempo, upbeat stuff on


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Appetite for Destruction is a good workout album.
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I listen to Infected Mushroom, Tristan, Iron Maiden and Bowling For Soup when I'm in the gym .
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some metalica i guess
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i run to megadeth
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Rise Against!!!!!!!!
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If you worked out to rage against the machine, you'd be running in slow motion.

I say that because it has a ridiculously slow groove.
Madonna - Hung up
Didn't the Darkness do a "work out" song?

Oh, and I used to listen to the Offspring when I was 13 and went to the gym.

It was good workout music, but I discovered this accidentally, because the only reason I played it was because I didn't have any other tapes.