Hey guys.
As I was deeply interested in new Ibanez S5470 it appears to have some sustain problems (new bridge, less body) which are hardly proovable as it is new model and I can't find any demo on the net to prove anybody's right.

Because S5470 is awfuly close to S2170 I'd like you to write your latest and the most fresh opinions about that model.(S2170)
It is considered to be quite good on many review sites but some people they hate it for no apparent reason they could reveal.

So please write down your opinions about S2170 (S5470 would be nice to if you already own one).

As in my country Ibanez is almost unavailable I can't test it before purchase so I will have to rely on your opinions guys.

Thanks for help.
Really good neck and trem, awesome finishes, great feel.

Edit: S2170 is the one I'm talking about
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Ibanez is usually t3h w1n. Did you look in the UG reviews section for the 2170?
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I personally don't like the ZR trems. Glad my 2120xav has an original with a piezo instead of those ZR things. I block it anyway, but the ZR isn't as durable in my experience. The rest of the guitar is good - only issue is solvable to me - pull the bridge and replace.
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ibanez s series are like......sexysmoothsleekandcooollll! i have a S270(1997) and although it has a single locking trem(doesnt work as badly as you think) i love the feel of it, woo IBANEZ!!
Please make precise opinions about the model you're talking about.
I guess that everything above was about s2170, right?
I have an S2075, basically the same just with a (in my opinion) nicer finish.

It's the most gorgeous guitar I've ever owned, and one of the best I've ever played. I've had next to no problems with it, just a bit of naff hardware on the bridge (the trem arm is very loose atm, although I'm gonna sort this out) and I was a bit disappointed in the pickups considering the price I paid, although I've stuck an Evo in the bridge and I'm experimenting with a PAF Pro in the neck.
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