Hi, ive been playing leadguiar and a bit of bass for around 2 years now and the thing is ive been playing only rock music. I now want to play blues. Can anyone recomend me anywhere to find good lessons for free etc. and who are the best blues artists.
It's just a matter of listening to a bunch of different artists. Listen to some Junior Kimbrough, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Kings, etcetera, and steal their licks.

And you do not need lessons for blues. In fact I would discourage them because blues is all improvisation and feel. You can try to fake it by just playing a 12 bar riff, but if you don't feel it, whoever is listening can hear it.
i don't know about lessons. but blues artists, SRV i believe would be a pretty good place to start. johnny winter, and there are others but i can't think of any.
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Listen to a bit of Joe Bonamassa, BB. King, SRV, Cream and maybe some earlier Zeppelin hits.

Plus if you're looking for free lessons... Just look for some blues scales in the lessons section of this website and by listening to the artists people have suggested, You'll most likely find yourself playing inspired sort of things by these artists.
If you know how to play the guitar pretty good now, The just listen to alot of blues guitarist and get to know what they are playing and just play man! Use your ears!! That is what I am doing right now and I find that it is working just fine for me.
I'd start off with some of the more modern blues/rock artists like Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robben Ford, Albert Cummings and so on. As well as that, listen to the better-known acts such as the three Kings, SRV, Peter Green, Buddy Guy, Clapton (beano to Cream era), the Yardbirds and so on. You can also sample some of the older blues such as Robert Johnson, Little Willie John, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, Wille Dixon and so on.

Rock guitar is essentially blues guitar speeded up, distorted and with a few extra notes thrown in for good measure.... So don't get too hung up on learning just yet, let the music sink in and you'll soon notice your playing style begin to change.