Im not sure if this is the proper place for this thread. But I was wanted some opinions on acoustic pickup systems. Im looking to spend around $100. Something simple, but effective. I like a full sound. The acoustic is an Alvarez RD8BR. And please no "digs" on my gear or comments that are useless to me. Thanks
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I would look on MF at some of the in-hole pickups, like the Duncan Woody. Altho the jack is gonna be kinda wierd i think, and you would need to drill a jack hole, it should sound good.
I got a 140€ acoustic with a 100€ pickup...it sounds godlike when recording direct to my computer.
I don't know wich it is...cuz a friend of mine who owns a guitar shop installed it...
All I know is that it's an active pickup.
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Have a look here:

And depending on your situation there are a number of different options for you to consider.
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Have a read of this post, in particular the 4th post down by roamingbard13.
Once you have sussed out your options and hopefully have more of an idea of what you want/need get back to us. Or if your still having problems figuring out what you need, I, and others will be around to clear up anything that needs clearing up.
I would recommend the LR Baggs I-Beam. Get the active one. They are $139.00 but if you buy from Musicians Friend you can do a search for Musicians Friend Coupons and usually find a discount.

I did that and save 20% on an item that was $150.