The one that you like and is in your budget.

And unless you give us a bit more specifics, oh say what kind of music do you like, what budget you have et etc. that's my final answer.
that is a stupid question
Suhr Custom, Flaxwood Rautia or Grosh Tele thru
HBE Medicine Bawl Wah
Analogman BiComp
Texas Two Step OD
Fulltone Ultimate Octave/Fuzz
Boss CE-2
TC Nova Delay
SLO-100, 65 London or Bogner Shiva
Ask me about any of this stuff!
Just buy a $300 Fender. When you don't have to ask someone else what kind to buy, then you can buy a new one of your own choosing.
There is no "best" brand. It's all personal preferance. But as a general rule, you get what you pay for!
Ibanez SR505
Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II
Epifani UL410
A fender precision will pretty much do everything right , but nothing great....
Theyre nice and all I just find em a bit boring, good to start with though.
i'd tap that .........speaking to a bass, its a music joke!

Harley Benton-hbb200bk
Epiphone Thunderbird
Electro Harmonix Double muff
Harley Benton 80-b amp
Ernie Ball Strings are my preferance!
The best bass is whatever works best for you. A lot of people might say Fender is best, but you might not like them as much. It's personal preference.
... this one!

check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
if you ask me they are fruity
an i hope one morning they drown in there fruit loops