Hey im going to be buying a new Tube amp in the near future and was originally set on a Marshall of some sort. I was soon discouraged from this after seeing the prices and by hearing that the cheaper ones aren't that good (DSL40). So i looked at orange. The Tiny terror and a 1x12 cab but then i found Ceriatone. They seem to be highly spoke off around here and i took a look at the website. A few questions..

Are these considered "boutique"?

What would be the best choice between the JCM 800 2204 replica or the Plexi100 superlead? I play mostly classic rock (Zeppelin, Ozzy (Randy's days) AC/DC and GNR)

Would this be a better buy over the TT?

Thanks for the help.
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Boutique is a subjective term that really shouldn't have as much of a place as it does in gear. I most certainly wouldn't call Ceriatone a "boutique" company.

That being said, Ceriatone has a good reputation for quality and customer service in spite of their location. I'd take a Ceriatone over any current production Marshall. Personally I've been seriously debating the Overtone Special which is a form of Dumble clone (Their Dumble and Trainwreck clones are about the closest thing they have to what would be considered "boutique").

One thing you need to look at is exactly what are you trying to accomplish, the TT is 15 watts, the 2204 is 50 watts and the Superlead is 100 watts. From the looks of it you're settled on a single channel, but you have to consider things like volume and headroom.
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I'd get an 18watt for that stuff. The plexi will be too loud to get any breakup at reasonable volumes, and the JCM800 is too modern for most of those styles.