Ok so i am thinking about buying an Epiphone G-400 SG in Alpine White with chrome hardware. How good is this guitar and should i make the purchase?
And lastly...is it really as close to a gibson as the reviews i have read on it?
Thanks...any help is appreciated whether it be love or hate
Don't do it, and no its nothing like a Gibson

the Epi G-400's stay in tune for about 3 songs, they really don't withstand live playing, SG shapes are awkward as it is to play and the intonation on my mates was terrible when he ordered it direct from some epi dealer, so much so he had to get it set up professionally.

Not to mention the thin and weak tone.

Get a mexistrat HSS, does everything your G-400 would do, looks nicer and plays nicer and sounds 10 times nicer. Not to mention Fender customer support kicks the crap out of Gibson's.
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Try it out.

If you can't, then you're going by the looks. So go ahead and buy it if you like the
way it looks and it's in your price range. It will be a fine guitar.

Prepare for the usual Gibson vs Epiphone gibberish....

No. It's not a Gibson. It's an Epiphone. It's not a piece of crap. It's not a Gibson
at a fraction of the cost or exactly the same as Gibson except for the headstock.
It is what it is. If you had more expendable cash, you'd probably get a Gibson.
no dont get that i played a epiphone SG before and like they are light as hell which to me makes them feel REALLY cheap, look at ESP, Schecter, Ibanez, or Gibson (even though Gibson is way over rated)
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well that is just it..i am looking for something around $300 and i found this for 299 so i figured , what could it hurt......i have had my epi SG special peice of crap for far too long
Get it.
Extremely good clean

Plays anything good except distortion with full gain.
Put some EMG's on it and you'll be jamming.

Try out the Boss ME-50 to
It made this Epiphone les paul special I was trying out sound like a decent metal guitar.
They are good for the money, but remember you can always upgrade when your looking for one after it, so dont blow a wad of money on something someone else likes, just personal preferences really

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