I play a SX Strat copy through a VOX Valvetronix AD15VT, and I'm trying to get Hendrix/RHCP tones out of my amp. I've never used pedals before, so I need some help before I go out and pick up some new gear

First off, my amp only has Input, Line/Phone, and Vox Footswitch jacks. I know I'll need 2 extra cables and a patch cable to chain effects, but how would I go about hooking this up to my guitar and amp?

Oh yeah, and I'm looking at the Little Big Muff and VOX 847A Wah. Good or not?
Guitar-->Wah-->Big Muff-->Input.
I don't know anything about the big muff, but i have the wah and it sounds pretty nice, especially for the price.
Little Big Muff should suit down to the ground, but with that amp you'll never get its full potential.

If you want Hendrix's wah sound then a crybaby should work a treat, but I've heard nothing but good things about VoX Wahs.
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guitar-cable-input of the wah-output of the wah-cable-input of muff-output of muff-cable-input of the amp, done!
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