Just now my guitar has died. I ll run through the problem.

Its Yamaha ERG 127 and Ive had it since Ive started playing 4 years ago. Im too poor to buy a new one and I have always been poor. Buying a new guitar is out of the question, I simply cannont afford it.

A year ago, the pick up selector stopped working. If I selected a pick up, Id have to jiggle the switch to get a sound. Also, the input jack is loose and damaged. It crackles when I plug into an amp and keeps crackling. Its not the amp because other guitars dont do this.

There are a ton of dry joints from what I have checked and the wiring to the switch is damaged and three wires are completely shredded. They have snapped. (I only saw this when I opened it. I did not fiddle with the wires. I checked the soldering after I noticed the snapped wiritng).

Also the pick ups are rusty and do not pick up properly.

How much will it cost to repair? Would it be cheaper for me to solder the joints by myself even though I have no idea which wire goes where? (I could probably find a circuit diagram).

Thank you for the help.
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For under $20 you could get a soldering iron, some rosin core solder and a small length of wire then fix it all yourself. As far as the pickups go I'm not sure if rust is a good thing but someone will know how to clean that off. Never had to do it myself. That plus the wiring and all might help if they aren't working right. As far as how to do it and all that I'm sure you can find a lot of pages on how to solder the wires correctly on google, 'cause to be honest maybe I should be reading up on how to solder properly instead of screwing up all the time...
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Bad joints will give poor pickup output. And there are tons of diagrams on the net. A basic solder tool and some solder will be less than 20 bucks. Before replacing switches fix the wires could just be that. Also might fix the output jack.
i can tell you right now that ur pickup selector problem is one of two things

1) you need to replace ur volume pots (that was same thing on MINE, pots are bout $5 each, plus ur soldering iron and solder)

2) selector switch needs replacing! surprise there! lol, i would do the volume pots FIRST though. either that or just do both and improve sound quality on ur guitar

ur problems can be fixed urself, w/ the volume pots and selector switch, all you have to do is take a piece of paper and draw the parts plus each wire and where EXACTLY they connect to. if you draw it URSELF the way YOU SEE IT, then it should be really easy for you to tell where everything goes. if nothing else, get a friend who knows a lil more bout guitar wiring to help!!
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everything slash_rocks said and resolder the input jack- the same thing happened to my old epiphone (five times )
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^ I doubt it. before you replace any parts(if it was me id replace them all anyway) just rewire the thing with the existing parts. Most of the problems i have run in with my guitar have been problems with wires coming loose, none have actually been related to bad electronics.
actually, mine was a loose connection (five times), but i replaced it all anyway
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Whenever I clean my guitars, my family wonders why it smells so good; I say that I exude a fresh citrus scent from hidden orifices.
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I know Jenny has a picture of what the input jack should look like. Try asking in the Electric Guitar forum.
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yep i search my name...

ground on the innermost lug, and titelock, a locking washer and or nail varnish to prevent loose jack nut in future.

there are instructions on the back of a soldering iron kit package, and is it a 3 way or 5 way switch?

if the pups are damaged, ebay and craigs list for used pickups, might save you some cash.

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