I had about a half hour conversation with my guitar teacher over a b c rich with emgs and a Floyd rose org. He basically blew it out of the sky stating a ton of negatives.

It is impossible for a guitar to stay in tune for forever or how ever long they claim(im aware of that). He said its just for flashy moves etc.

I have no idea what guitar i want anymore:
but here are ones i have pondered over

lol i also want a cherry black 83' les paul with emg's thrown into it(lil to expensive tho)

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i thought it would be something neat to have on my guitar, but as much as i change tunings, i cant stand it, im selling the guitar just because of the tremolo
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Get the Eclipse or EX.

I have a guitar with a Floyd and it stays in tune, but so does my strat.

It's really just to be flashy.
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i thought it would be something neat to have on my guitar, but as much as i change tunings, i cant stand it, im selling the guitar just because of the tremolo

First time i heard the opposite side of the story. I made a bc rich thread and everyone bowed down to a f r o
I like the LFR on my Dinky, it stays in tune real well. The cheap, non-floating trem on my RGX goes out of tune when you look at it funny, but I use it for alternate tunings. At some point I'll add a seven string hardtail. There are pluses and minuses for all types.
i have an OFR...and it stays in tune forever...so your guitar teacher is a complete and utter kook.
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Good sides:
-It has a larger range than standard tremolos
-A well-made and properly set up one will survive serious abuse. Doing Satriani, Dimebag and Herman Li whammy stuff on a vintage trem will knock it out of tune within seconds.

Bad sides:
-Not all of them are good. It's sometimes hard to tell which are trustworthy and which aren't.
-A bitch to set up.
-Hard to restring

If you play crazy whammy stunts, go for it. If you don't really use the trem, don't. Don't pay for anything you won't use.

Are all guitar teachers so opinionated? My guitar teacher used to complain about bolt-ons. He now has a tele.
I used to never think I would get a guitar with a Floyd or a "usable" trem system. But had a chance to get a good deal on a new Ibanez Satriani and I couldn't be happier.

As far as the trem goes..... must be in my opinion set up by a pro for a Specific guage of strings. You switch guages...... go get a new set up.

Also.... if you change tunings a lot...... forget about it. Get more guitars. You'll go nuts trying to keep it maintained.

Bottom line though, Once you're handy with the "tweaking" it takes to keep one tip-top..... at least the Lo-Edge I have is stable as can be. The guitar only goes out of tune if I really get ridiculous with it. And even then it's usually not out of tune enough to warrant taking the locking nuts down and tuning.....I can usually bring it back a few times with the bridge saddle tuners a few times before I have to unlock it and start over.

But you really have to be patient enough to master the re-stringing and tuning techniques. You gotta learn how to PRE-STRETCH your strings properly. Just the stretching is about a 15 minute job with 10's that I use.

I have a Les Paul and Strat as well and those are what I use for "their" sound and also for tuning alternates. The Ibanzez fits right in the middle..... it can do LP tone and Strat tone really really well. And it plays great.
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My Kramer has an OFR which I pretty much never use, but it does stay in tune no matter what happens to it, so that's nice.
I have no objection to floyds but the hassle is enormous unless it's a crucial part of your style (like Steve Vai, for example). A standard Fender-style trem is more than enough for most players - hell, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore and Eric Johnson can do some crazy stuff without a locking trem. So it depends how much you use the whammy bar, but more crucially, it mainly comes down to which guitar feels 'right' to you.
Everyone has their own opinon, but at the end of the day it's you -and you only - that you're buying the instrument for.