I live in Spiro Oklahoma and i just moved here from Florida. I had a pretty established Thrash Metal band back home but unfortunatly had to leave it. Im influenced by Metallica,Sabbath(Ozzy Years),Motorhead,Diamond Head, The Misfits, The Ramones... Pretty much NWOBHM,Thrash and Punk Bands.

I will be singing and playing guitar. Im looking for another guitarist for dueling leads and ofcourse a bass player and drummer. If you want to hear some of my stuff check out http://www.myspace.com/metalageguitars

The song up there is an original demo and I am currently working on a new song. It should be up some time this weekend. I have a lot of old material i wrote for my last band but was never used that we can play with. My guitar equipment is very good, but my vocal gear was trashed. Im looking for a new pa and mic...

also for a look at my last band check out www.myspace.com/metalage07

here are some garage recordings of our band practices. Our drummer was horrible and we were getting ready to replace him when i had to move.
****, too bad i'm in michigan. hope you find somebody bro.
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Well i play guitar but im from WI. good luck finding sombody tho, Rock On! Glad to see bands still playing thrash and NWOBHM.