Original '64 Cherry Red ES335. Same model as Clapton's.

Tuners have been changed to Grovers in 70's. All rest is original. Single coil pickup was routed in 1970s but taken out and filled with mahogany wood and refinished over in that area (see photo). Bigsby was installed at one point but four holes now been filled. Originally a stop tail model (stop tail bridge is original). Pickguard has had two holes drilled in and then refilled with the original bits cut out. Dates to 1964 ES335 Cherry. In short - all original except tuners - with some modifications but all have been reveresed.
No refinish. All original frets (recently crowned and levelled.)

I suggest you take this to a vintage dealer or somewhere else. no offense but serious offers on a several thousand dollar guitar can be kind of low over here.

But it looks nice, and those early pat no pickups can be as good as some 1961 short magnet PAFs
Hi guys - it certainly is a tone monster!
The last one on Ebay recently sold for $27,500 serious cash! One's in the past have even gone for $40,000!
I'm in England and asking £8000... as it isn't as in good condition as the one recently sold
Ill trade you my soul for it. But on a more serious note (unless you will consider that offer) You wont get that on here. People here are modders and such so not looking for something of that nature. Like was said earlier a vintage dealer is your best bet.