Who are your top 10! Post here and let the world know!
Yoda i be!

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its so much funner doing it with friends tho...........like masturbation

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With your post, the pit has its rightful name - the pit, the most lowest place on earth, after a 100 feet of earth and 200 feet of sh|t .
been done x157

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you must be new
these are over done


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been done x157

I have a weird feeling that you just made that number up..
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Joe Satriani for all top 10 places.


John petrucci = "guitar champion."

EDIT: Joe Satriani was Kirk Hammett's guitar teacher, and that's just unacceptable. Through this medium, the ****tiest rock band to ever form(Metallica) has now plagued the Earth for decades with their epically(if that's even a word) horrific music.
You guys all FAIL cos you can't accept one another's opinions.

My faves, not in any particular order:
-Dan Hawkins
-Justin Hawkins
-Malcolm Young
-Angus Young
-Zakk Wylde
-Steve Vai
-Joe Satriani
-Dave Mustaine
-Eddie Van Halen
-Randy Rhoads
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9. You
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Call me Wes.
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Top Ten American Tubist

1. Walter Sear
2. Rober Nunez
3. David Fedderly
4. Tony Clements
5. Roger Bobo
6. Aubrey Foard
7. Gene Pokorny
8. Carol Jantsch
9. Richard Maloof
10. Michael Bunn

Walter can huff out a bunch of notes faster than anyone I know. But Rober can play a single note for 5 minutes on a single breath!
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