I’m feeling pissed off right now, I think I’m in desperate need of some UG wisdom. Here’s the thing…

My band were really looking forward to our areas Battle of the Bands. The gig itself would have been excellent publicity and a real laugh, whilst the winners would also receive a slot at our areas major summer festival, £500 and some studio time.

They organized it so that a panel of judges would select, from entry forms including a £20 fee and a CD, which 10 bands would actually play at the event. In the information, it states that all applicants will be sent four free tickets with notification of whether we were accepted or not.

So. Despite us handing our form in. We’ve had no notification. No tickets. And the bands have been announced. And we’re damn well not in there.

We’re thinking. Somebody f’d up. Because we haven’t had notification and (without sounding completely and comprehensively up our own arses) we we’re expecting to get through as we’re funk (different) and won a competition last year (school, all be it) out of the whole of Wales.

Where do we go from here?
I mean. We’ll look like assholes if we get in contact and it turns out they did consider us. But if not, we’ll never get our cash back, or an apology that I think we deserve.
Bitch about it. At the very least they owe you some tickets and "closure." The worst that can happen is they go, "sorry fellas we didn't select you... but here are your tickets." And if somebody did fuck up, and yours was there but not reviewed you may become an 11th act or something. Go for it.
You gotta get in contact with them. Call them, stop by, do whatever. It's worth the possible awkwardness, especially since you've already paid the fee.