I listened to 'Breathing Room'. I like the swirling of the guitar riff, does add that sort of psychedelic feel to it. the drums and the guitar go off beat in a few places, especially when the drums have a lot going on. The song is repititive, some variety would be nice. Other than that, nice work.
First off, I dig your style of play. Fresh, with a dash of old school. But to tell you why I really had to respond. I'm a drummer first, and usually never say this, but...

... it's time to lose your rhythm section.

My recommendation, of course, is to find a new drummer, possibly new bass, too. Put an add on Craigslist or something, because their playing is crippling the sound of your songs, as well as maybe stunting your growth as an artist.

At the very least, get a good drum program, and do two recordings; one with your bandmates, and one by yourself, with a more competent rhythm section. Still, you should try to find a real drummer and bass player, because only an amateur guitarist would think that a drum program is as good as the real thing.

Good luck, and you sound great.
Thanks you for listening, My bass and drum skills are definitly lacking but I am still practicing and trying to find other people to jam with
Loving it, though I agree the drummer and bass have to go.

Love the swirling type of effect in the first song. How does that work?
It is just an effect I added through my computer recording program, but again, the drummer and bass can't "go" cause its just me. I am still learning and practicing them but i figure a way to get better is record songs. either way thanks for listening and I am trying to find people to jam but there isn't many people around here to record with