Hey guys,
I'm new to UG and i dont know much about the site, I've been playing Electric Guitar for about 7 months. I dont know very much, i practice alot and i know a few things here and there, the only song i know how to play are Iron Man by Black Sabath and Otherside By The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I took lessons for about 3 months and now i've just decided to self teach myself. Anyways I really want to learn how to play some simple and impressive riffs/songs, i know a few parts of songs but its getting old Im looking for something new, I've checked out tabs of songs I like and all but I cant seem to be able to play them. I was hoping someone could mayb tell me some of their first songs that they enjoyed alot or some pretty impressive riffs thats arent to difficult or just even post some links with tabs or something, well thanks for your time
Try paranoid by black sabbath, I am the Law by Anthrax, Some kind of Monster by Metallica, The Four Horsemen by Metallica. If u want to impress try learning Raining Blood by Slayer.
Learn some Black Keys riffs, and some standard blues riffs.
You've been playing for about the same length of time I have, so I'm right about where you are. Fun stuff, isn't it?

I really enjoy playing Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper." Riff is really fun to play, not hard at all, and the solo and fills aren't too difficult either. Anything by Black Sabbath is good... mostly simplified power chords and the occasionally difficult solo.

"Highway Star" by Deep Purple is an extremely fun song to play, and the solo isn't too difficult. Don't forget "Sunshine of Your Love," by Cream.
I would reccomend you track down songs that you are willing to discipline yourself hard enough to learn.

None of this is easy at the beginning.
You goto break the wall that is called "Instant gratification".

Paranoid is highly simplistinc but if you like it enough play it all the way through, learn the solo. Go the extra mile. What I am getting at is discipline yourself to follow through with a task.

Not trying to call you a failure or you will be bad guitarist i am just saying if you expect instant easy gratifications playing this damn 6 string hellion learn to understand that nothing comes easy.

Once you know some good stuff you become its master and not the other way around DO not let the device dictate what is hard to do and what is best to do because it is easier than making progress as a player.

As Yoda would say...

Concentrate! Concentrate!!!!
yeah i know....i know it will take alot of time hard work and many years of dedication, i just wanted to know some songs i could learn.
Quote by alexpinto
yeah i know....i know it will take alot of time hard work and many years of dedication, i just wanted to know some songs i could learn.

You can learn them all

Don;t limit yourself