I'm looking to get some locking tuning pegs for my guitar so I don't have to deal with my floating bridge making me go out of tune. Is it a better option to get a whole new bridge installed or the tuners? Is grover a good company to get locking tuners at an affordable price? What are the price of these sorts of things and where could I get them (I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada)?
Tunesr are cheaper and easier to get relaced than a bridge. So go with locking tuners. Grovers are good, but if you have the money, get Schalers or maybe Sperzels.
i dont like grover. go with schaller.
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The grover locking tuners work really good. And quite a bit cheaper than spertzels. Depends on what you have in your guitar now. Is rare to replace tuners and not have to relocate the screw hole for the tunes. Stewmac has a good selection and they do international.