my friend is letting me borrow a bass, no amp...will it sound the same on a guitar amp...20 watt ish
Nope, it wont. And if you value said amp, dont play the bass thru it. the low frequensies will damage the speaker. Maybe the actual amp as well.
Quote by Pyrest
Don't basses shred the speakers on the guitar amps?
Thats something that my friend told me. And he's obsessed with speakers and the like.

Yes, I believe so...so...yeah...not a good idea
low volume only, even then...

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i was thinking that dadg tuning on a bass would most likely not even sound that great on a guitar amp....looks like ill need to convince her to lend me her pretty orange amp..
No, it'll be fine if you just want to play a bit of bass. The 'torn speaker' stuff is mostly horror stories, though if you play at high volumes you will shorten the lifespan of the speaker to some extent. Don't crank the amp up too much (stay below halfway, ideally) and you'll be fine.
I wouldn't risk it if I were you, I've heard bad things about using bass's on guitar amp's here on UG, It was like 10/10 respones said not to do it, but go for it if you want...
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