Hi everyone!
Finally I have some free time to do what I always wanted to do... buy an electric guitar and learn to play it.
I did quite some research on the net about some possible ideas... but in thew end it was too much.... all different ideas..... So I decided to come here to find some help....
I will probably try to make a purchase at a guitar center....
What do you guys think of the 200.00 packages like the epiphone SG or les paul. The guys at the center told me to get the squire by fender for 350 or the Laguna pack for 350-400 that they have.
Honestly I do not want to spend toooooooooo much and I was thinking about a price around 200-250..... Should I wait and get the squire or the laguna....
what do you guys think would be good for me... I would like for it to last some time.....
Thanks for any tips or ideas.
THe Laguna pack would be good, i think. For a beginner, the Line 6 can get alot of different sounds out of it, and Laguna makes some nice guitars IMO. It might be better to get a guitar and amp seperately, tho. For $400 total, there are some nice amp/guitar combos that you could buy, with the amp and guitar seperatly.
What u should do is get a practice amp and a cheap guitar thats well built so if u get bord of it or give up like most do u wouldent have spent to much my opinion get something from silvertone there great to say the least
Start off on an acoustic. Learn on that and by the time you start playing on an electric your fingers will be toned and it will be a whole lot easier. If you hate yourself learn on a classical like i did. Its hell.
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Try starting out with a Stratocaster copy something along those lines they are very versatile and you can get good deals with them. I wouldn't say Squire make the best copies of strats and are alot more expensive than some other makes.
Yeah agree with guy above, cheap start copy for starting out, cant go wrong.
You could start off with Acoustic. Alvarez makes some pretty good guitars for darn cheap. All the while you can save up some money and go for electric, cuz buying electric also means an amp which is additional money.
Personally I had an Epiphone Special II, it was descent and good for learning. cheap too.
if i were starting out again now (and wasn't certain if i were going to stick with it or not), i'd most likely get a yamaha pacifica 112 (not 012) and roland microcube (if you play heavier stuff like hard rock and metal) or vox da5 (if you play more clean stuff, blues and classic rock- i'm also assuming it sounds similar to the vox ad15vt, as i haven't tried the da5). that'll come to about $325, going by musicians friend prices...

i'm not a fan of starter packs... normally either the guitar or amp is decent for a beginner, but not both. in some cases, both suck.

with any luck, if you buy those two, you should be able to take the store into giving you free picks, lead, cheap strap etc.
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