I've been thinking. It would have been great to write songs like 100 or so years ago... maybe not that far. W/e, just as long as they would still be appreciated. Anyway my reasoning for this is that in those days, everything would have been original, or at least more so. Nowadays you can't write anything down without people saying "that's so cliche". Ok, fair enough, some things are very cliched, like love. But the whole of popular music and such is based strongly around love songs, so of course it's used a lot. It's like saying that you're sick of trifle that has cream in it, or something lol.

Words are becoming cliche too. Unless you can come up with some elaborate rhyme that has never been thought of before, you suck, basically. This isn't a jibe at UG users btw, I actually find them to be quite relaxed about it. It's just in general, people constant grimace at lyrics because they're too cheesy. The word "cliche" is now a cliche too, which somewhat proves my point lol.

I just find that when I'm trying to write something, it is hugely influenced by what people think is cliched. It's putting a real stopper on my songwriting

Sorry about the wall of text btw, and the rant lol. It's not normally what I'm like
Well, I wrote an article way back in the day ont he forum, basically entitled something like "A new way of Sonwriting - Grow Some Balls".

Basically the answer to your so called problem is to forget all the ****ers like us out here and write whatever the **** you like, grow some balls and stop cying'cos some dick on the interent (us) said it's cliche. If you're a good enough writer you'll improve to a standard where people may not say that about every piece, or you'll sink.

Don't worry about the generalvtone of harshness here. I am quite like that but I do believe I know a thng or two nowadays, which is not probably true but still..

Stop being so self-conscious and insecure about your writing and write, dammit.
I love how you worded that lmao
I know what you mean, I'm trying to get out of it. Even when I write stuff just for myself, I'm still sort of subconsiously thinking about cliches. It's pretty annoying really lol. I think I'm gonna use your grow some balls method though, it seems like a good option lol
Lyric writing's tough enough as it is without caring what others think.

If you're being yourself, it shouldn't matter. If you're not being yourself, it does.

Do you consider yourself an artist/lyricist? Or are lyrics something that has to be got out of the way to make a piece complete? If it's the former, see the second line of my post. If it's the latter, there's nothing wrong with instrumental music if there's enough going on for it to be interesting. Explosions In The Sky? Mogwai? Joe Satriani?

If you do want to avoid a "cliche" though, be careful with rhyming. Really obvious things, along the lines of 'house' & 'mouse' will make people cringe. Words that don't neatly rhyme, like 'shape' & 'escape' can be far more effective...
Well, I wrote an article way back in the day ont he forum, basically entitled something like "A new way of Sonwriting - Grow Some Balls".

Read that, it was good. you should all read that.
Well my writing is a bit strange. I write particularly elaborate songs, and put a simple acoustic backing (Like a capoed GCD perhaps), or I write (what I consider to be) cool riffs on my electric and maybe put some simple words over it. I'd like to do both, but unless it's all clicking, I don't write good words or riffs, so it's difficult to fit both together, which means the whole cliche problem almost stops me from writing songs lol.

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I've found that I use really short words at the end of each line, which I need to stop. Like I just rhymed "get" and "yet". I think this is one of the reasons I come up with so many cliched lines.
A simple excersice to break obvious rhyming habbits that a good poet (http://www.myspace.com/skinfiltr8r) once taught me is to simply write dow words that basically sound alike... He taught me like this:

Pick a subject. Anything. I'll go with football for an example.

Pick two words that are by some strentch of the imagination linked to it. 'Supporter' and 'cash'...

Then, for each, pick two or three words that sound a bit like them in some sort of vague way...

Supporter: catheter, moniker, helicopter

Cash: Flash, Eyelash

Cash was harder to get ones that weren't obvious rhymes because it's a short word. But basically, what you do is say the words quickly together: Catheter moniker helicopter... It might sound like you're attempting to rap, but it shows you new ways of rhyming, without it being reallyobvious, and, if you like, 'cliche'...

This was something I found really helpful when I started thinking about words in new ways. I now write songs by putting words down that I like and sound good together. I sort of think about what they mean after... That won't work for everyone, but it does for me - hopefully there's something useful there!
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