after much deliberation, ive decided that i cant fit a marshall tube into the budget, so between these two which would you buy, the AVT150 combo or the Palomino V50. I play hendrix, blues, and classic rock.
Crate Palomino, or some kind of Traynor.
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First, you don't need "50 tube watts", so I think you should go with a 30 watt Palomino. It's definietly better than a Marshall-crappy-Valvestate.
If you gig unmic'd, 50 tube watts would be best imo. Definately go with the Palomino. Kills the AVT in pretty much every way. And the Paloino is perfect for blues/classic rock/etc.
The AVT is an uber-sterile sounding amp.
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50 watts sounds overkill if you can help it. ive played both the palomino and peavey classic 30, and id say check craigslist for a used peavey classic 30. you can usually see them for around 300-400$
or yeah, ive heard great things about traynor ycv50s and 40s. (the 40 is supposed to sound like a fender, and the 50 a marshall)
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