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13 65%
7 35%
Voters: 20.
What do you prefer? I myself prefer making the more electronic side of things, building a guitar never really appealed to me.

Tell me what you prefer, with reasons.
i have never done either really but electronics for some reason appeals to me a bit more.
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electronics appeal to me. Also because I seem to fail at doing anything by ear (my tuning skills are god-awful) I'm pretty decent with electronics, being good at soldering and having 3 projects under my belt.
I've build amps/fx so that's what I voted for. prefer it too.
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a nice guitar is nicer to play and well amps and effects are good but they can come later
Guitars are easier to make than electronics in my opinion (except for sawing the body and neck and making everything yourself).
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^^ ...so, why is electronics harder?
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I haven't fully built a guitar yet, both both appeal to me. I just really like working with my hands.
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I wish I knew how to make effects and amps. I could have some real fun with that. I voted guitar though as that's more personal to me if you get what I'm saying. You hold it while you use it, every tiny modification you make can make it seem like a world of a difference to the player, you just get more attached to them than an amp.

Also you get to paint them and make them your own. There's some electrical stuff you can do too like wiring your own pickups if you know how to or putting in cool controls.