besides Phil Collins who are some other drummers that also sing lead vocals for the band?
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Cedric Bixler (Curretly in The Mars Volta)
He use to do drumming and lead vocals for one of his older bands
Either Fall upon deaf ears, or Los Degatones(sp?)
Mike portnoy

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Matt Hedlers vocals for Arctic Monkeys are really important. The harmonies him and Alex do are fantastic.

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2 Cents has a drummer for the lead singer.
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idk bout lead vocals but the drummer of sum 41, steve sings/raps sometimes lol
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Don Henley played drums/sung on some songs

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the drummer for spiderbait sings
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I think the drummer from Bullet For My Valentine sings.

Also the Rev (A7X)
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roger taylor - who is absolutely vile

queen comes off a song like Fat Bottom Girls and his says "im here to bring everyone down, has anyone got AIDS here? - no? well im going to sing really badly about it - thanks"