i learn how to play my curse by killswitch engage but i was already a fan of them already. so what have you learned
Same. I have however started on Impulse by the Endless Sporadic and La Grange.
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tis a fun song, nop?
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Yes. But not that I've heard the song for the first time on GH3, it's just that a couple weren't songs I'd really thought about learning before that, but after playing them on there I think "hey that'd be a pretty fun lick to learn" or similar.
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I learned One before I heard it was going to be on Guitar Hero. I had never heard of The Fall of Troy before the game though. I learned FCPREMIX
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I have tried to learn Cult Of Personality.

Hell, I got into Living Colour because of that game.
I learnt pride and joy, via my guitar teacher: just a coincidence i had hurt it on GH3.
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I learned One before it was on Guitar Hero
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i started playing guitar b/c of guitar hero, (i know i know), the first song i learned from the game was smoke on the water ,then sweet child of mine, then iron man, then paranoid, then i learned raining blod (btw i learned about 6 or seven dozen other songs in between them, also i dont learn solos that well and if any one knows a way to learn solos better plz tell me thnks)
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I learnt pride and joy, via my guitar teacher: just a coincidence i had hurt it on GH3.

You meanie.
cliffs of dover, la grange, sweet child of mine, bark at the moon, smoke on the water :P, and crazy on you
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3's & 7's- QOTSA

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I always knew La Grange by sound, but i never knew the name. After GH3, i started learning it.

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I've tried playing a few.
And I'll go into practice mode so I can practice with the song.
That is, if I don't have it.
"Cherub Rock"- Smashing Pumpkins. I knew about it before GHIII, though.

I just never really thought about learning it beforehand.
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I never heard sweet child on gh before, but I learned it anyways. I also learned KOC before it was on gh... I think thats it though.
I learned 3's and 7's thanks to GH, and got into Muse because of it as well.
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tis a fun song, nop?

Yes, tis a fun song indeed. I learned "When You Were Young" and the solo from "Monsters", too. Cuz ppl seem to think that if you can play along with the songs in Guitar Hero, no matter how simple they are, you're immediately an awesome guitarist.
I learned prayer of the refugee. i got bored, my brother was playin the game... and learned MOST of it by ear. yay me.
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a few parts of "one" by metallica and "paranoid" by black sabbath
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ive learned iron man, smoke on the water, one, infected, fat lip, more than a feeling, 3's & 7's, and a few others, but i had heard most of them before they were on guitar hero
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Raining Blood.

I started playing guitar because(partly but not really) of GH1
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tis a fun song, nop?

Totally, not just on GH either
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3's & 7's- QOTSA

greatest band alive

very true. i already knew a lot of that song before GH3 came out. I also figured out Barracuda, La Grange and one other that I can't remember before the game came out.
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