well, Im looking to buy a phaser pedal. I need the know the difference between the evh and regular phase 90. I already know about the script button. Is the evh pedal worth the cash?
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There's alot of talk about the MXR phasers, I just ended up not getting one at all when I went down the route of looking, as I couldn't get time to have a sit down with all of them (the 'block logo', the 'script' logo and the EVH version

Some people say that the 'script' one is superior as it's closer to what they originally sounded like and that the 'block' ones aren't as sonically pleasing, and then others say the EVH is inbetween them and that the 'script' button isn't up to the standalone one

All very confusing
Don't get the EVH one. Overpriced, and still sounds like crap.

Get the '74 Vintage Phase 90 if you're looking for a good phase.

I'm using the original 1974 pedal, not one of the reissues, and I can tell you that the reissue sounds spot on compared to the real thing.
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just remember there are lots of phasers out there. maybe see if you can go to a guitar store and check some out.
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