I want to record my acoustic music — with vocals. I was wondering what mic I should get in order to get the best acoustic sound, and best vocal sound. I don't want to spend a large amount of money either, maybe around $200 at most.
The Roe NT1A would be best IMO but a Studio Projects B1 or even C1 would work.

keep in mind there isn't a mic that will work in every situation, some mics will sound like crud with some singers but another singer could come in using the same mic and it will sound amazing. You have to have a few mics on hand and match them to your purpose. If you can, try some mics at a guitar center or other recording type store and see what sounds good to your ear.
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Moody speaks the truth. I am a big fan of the Studio Projects B1 though...
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not sure how much they cost/whether they're available in the US etc.

but I've not a bad word to say about the AKG C3000
Don't mean to sound like a knobhead, but why don't you just search?

But anyway, I got my Studio Projects B1 for around £75-80 (about $150 US?).
There is poetry in despair.
Rode NT1A - $230 - New, Single Mic, With Shock Mount and Pop Filter - zzounds.com

Studio Projects B1 - $120 - New - zzounds.com
Studio Projects C1 - $230 - New, With Microphone Stand - zzounds.com

*All in US currency*