well, i'm graduating from high school this year, and i've thinking about what i want to do later on. i haven't really thought so much about what i want to study, but rather what i want to work as, and what will make me happy.
i used to think that making music would always make me happy, but after a while it just seemed like another chore to me and i quit my band.
the thing is, i'm really not sure what REALLY will make me happy anymore, i have no answers.

do you guys know what will make you happy in life? has anybody been in the same situation as me?
A girlfriend/boyfriend.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
i dont think anyones really happy. except children, because they are dumb. and children grow up expecting to be happy, but i dont think thats realistic. thats why theres so many people on drugs and ****ing up their lives trying to be children. the rest of the people just learn to live without. but hey, maybe theres people who wake up every day overjoyed to be alive, how would i know?
I have no opinion on this matter.
i dont know what to tell you bud. im one of those people that just loves music. i know i want to work in music later on in life. if there are any other hobbies you have that you could make money from, try it out.
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My friends when we're all in silly moods.
Getting body modifications ALWAYS works.
Being in a relationship.
When I take a photo or manipulate a photo and it turns out just how I wanted it to.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
music seems like a chore?? that just sounds like some sort of lack of inspiration or something
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Teh Lulz

jesus christ, i seriously bursted out laughing at this

even though it's not funny

or intelligent
Music generally makes me happy.
So does being around my close friends...just hangin' out with them, and making dirty jokes and stuff. Ah, life.
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Im fixin to graduate too...as for what makes you happy ...that depends a lot on you. i can tell you what makes me happy but how does that help you. dont worry though no one is happy all the time.....unless there on medication thats diffrent though. youll find your calling you can take advice from whoever but in the end its up to you.