well i think im pretty set getting a Crate V33 2x12. But i have a question, i know it's loud for band practice. But if i got an OD will i be able to get a good metal (metallica, ozzy) sound out of it.

the od im looking at:
ibanez/maxon tubescreamer
mxr zw44
boss sd-1.

Also, im not going to pay the full 450 (rip off) so you think 350 would be a good start to a bargin price?
is the crate a tube amp?
if not,i dont think you'll be able to use those boost pedals to get a great metal tone...its possible use them on a SS amp, but i;d reccomend a tube amp
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Hey, nice choice of amp, I own a V-Series myself. As for the OD, I don't think you will be able to get that amp to do Metallica easily. I also own the Boss SD-1, and I can get plenty of crunch and sustain, but the combo of a V-Series and an SD-1 is more suited for hard rock, not metal. You might want to look at some different pedals if you want that amp to do Metallica. And if all you play is metal, this amp isn't for you. Also, I agree with acdcrocks0323 on getting an ISP Decimator when using an OD, it will get more noisy than you think.
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hmm, how about a b-52 at112, i played the 212 and loved it, so you think i could get the at112 to 450 (max i can go )