So I did a search on ear-training and I am following all the advice; singing/humming along, interval training. I have been using the musictheory.net interval trainer to work on this.(I'm still pretty horrible at it.)

My question is how long will I be able to name intervals from the top of my head if I practice doing this for 30minutes-1hr a day.

Also how do I train my ear to be able to recognize chords? All I can do is single notes up to this point.
Also what is a good way to motivate myself to do ear training because I am very bored by it.
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All I can say is everybody learns at a different pace. I know that's not very encouraging but just keep at it.

As for chords, because you're training your ear to recognize intervals and notes, you will also be training yourself to hear chords. If you can hear the dissonance of a tritone interval, you will also be able to hear the dissonance within a dominant or leading tone chord.

If you listen to a song, and at the same time know what's going on(as in what the progression is doing) your mind will be able to associate the sounds with your knowledge and thus train your ear the same way you're doing with notes.

Some chords will be easy, like a standard V to I is very easy to hear. A 7th chord will sound distinct from a triad(esp in guitar voicings)...and so on and on. It'll just take time and experience with music. Hope it helps.
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