Lately, while I play my pinky on my left (fretting) hand is sticking out away from the fretboard. This makes it very difficult to play fast passages where the pinky is involved.

I have been told that tension may have something to do with it, but even when I am relaxed I have this problem.

Can anyone give some advice to me so that I can break this habit???
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Use your pinky more so it's used to being near the fretboard? Sorry, thats the best I could come up with.
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dont try to play so fast. keep all your fingers relaxed as you play and all just barely hanging over the strings
Practice slowly paying attention to how far the pinky comes away. Go slow so you can control it. Soon you will speed up and it will become natural to have it floating over the next note.
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Take any scale or simple chromatic pattern where you'll have to use your pinky and practice dampening the notes (relieving pressure from the string while letting your finger remain on the string), something like:


Just try that, and play it slowly. Set the metronome to whatever tempo you're comfortable at, just make sure you are in total control of each finger's placement, play it as 1/8 notes, with the "x" (dampened string) being 1/8 note rests. It should help. Remember, leave each finger over the corresponding fret, this means keeping your pinky on the string, and controlling it, and above all, staying VERY relaxed.
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