First of all I'm not really sure if this is in the right thread, but I needed advice from somewhere and I like this sub-forum the best. This is part happy rant, and part confusion. Prepare for a wall of text.

So the 3rd guitarist in my band just got a really old PA from one of his family friends. It was free! I don't know the wattage but it's loud enough to keep up with my Classic 50 on 8, so that's good. It came with 2 1x15 speaker cabinets, a mixer with 6 inputs and independent volume, EQ, and reverb on each channel (no XLR, but we can deal considering it was free), and an old Digitech rack effect unit with an EQ and lots of effects options (200 of them!) to run the vocals through.

So after getting the HUGE speakers and the mixer out of his car we hooked everything up and it sounded fine. We tested it over our guitar amps and some random banging on the drums and it was more than loud enough. When our singer came we plugged in her (extremely nice) electric-acoustic and got that set up nicely, and it sounded great. Next came her electric guitar, which we slaved to the PA by running a cable from the headphone out to one of the inputs. That sounded good too.

But when we hooked up the microphone for the vocals, there was a ridiculous amount of feedback. We don't exactly have an amazing microphone.. is that the problem? It's a Shure PG48.. are those known to be crappy? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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its obviously a problem within the mic, im not sure what though, did you have many things plugged into the mixer at the same time you added the mic?