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What is shielding?

How do you shield?

If you were to shield, what are you hoping to accomplish?

What common problems does this fix?
Shielding is a term used to describe anything which blocks electrical interferance to the insides of your guitar.

It can come in the form of shielding tape, which is metal foil, often copper, that has an adhesive backing. You stick this to the walls of the control and pickup cavities of your guitar to prevent hum and buzzing.

Another common form is shielding paint. This is a very thick liquid (like uhm.. paint haha sorry I may have over explained this one) that you coat the walls of the control and pickup cavities with to prevent hum and buzzing.

One more is shielded wiring, which is shileding wrapped around the wiring itself, like the insulation around it.

All three of these methods aim to reduce the electrical hum and buzz that a guitar can pick up accidentally. Common sources of this interferance which causes buzzing are lights, TV's, and computer screens.

Shielding is a relatively inexpensive and effective way of reducing or eliminating the hum from your amplified electric guitar.

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