hey everybody. I'm trying to help my brother buy a new drum kit so im gonna buy his old one( i acctually want a set too) the set comes with the five peices plus a double kick a ride, hi hats, and two crashes. the thing is that the two crashes both have tiny cracks on the edges about a centimeter in length. is there anyway to fix cracks in cymbals or is there anyway a drum shop could fix them. they still sound decent but eventually i expect the cracks to spread and i just want the set to fool around on. is there anyway to fix this

Not really.

Nothing that wouldn't cost at least $250+ to do it. And for you might as well buy new cymbals.
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drill a small whole at the top of the crack, that will stop the crack from growing. but try not to hit the symbol near that crack anymore.
drilling a hole is the only thing that will help, or cut it out as Despised said, ether way its really at best a 50/50 shoot at stop the crack. Most likely even if stopped it will crack in that same place in a while its only a matter of time and or the technique that you use when playing.
You could try drilling holes at the end of the cracks but normally this doesn't fix the problem and only makes a cruddy sounding cymbal...IMO

It's best to buy new cymbals, even used ones in good condition will work.
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I use a bench grinder and grind them out works fine.
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